A Speedy Freight franchisee is about to celebrate his fourth anniversary at the forefront of the company’s expansion.

Simon Telling has been branch manager for Colchester and Chelmsford since in May 2011. 

The company has recently moved into a larger unit at Wakes Hall Business Centre, added another van to its fleet, won an award for promoting the brand and is set to take on its first apprentice.

Mr Telling worked in a family-run logistics company for about 20 years with his father Alan Telling.

He looked at new opportunities in December 2011, when his father decided to sell the firm. He said after meeting with Speedy Freight, franchising gave him more security.

He said: “When I started I was the fifth franchise in this part of the country.

“Now there are 31 around the UK, so the growth has been immense. It’s fantastic how it’s gone from strength to strength and we have another franchise opening in Northern Ireland very soon

.” Mr Telling said working in logistics was so varied.

He said: “Anything can be thrown at you. The most unusual item we’ve moved is a cast of a 9ft tall polar bear, which was going to be made into brass for a London chain of restaurants.

“It was quite a manoeuvre. My main concern was damage as it was made of polystyrene with delicate clay mouldings over it.” 

Speedy Freight specialises in same-day delivery and collection in the UK

Mr Telling’s branch has added another van to its current fleet, with access to over 3,000 vehicles nationwide

He now has his sights set on Europe within the next six months

He said: “Our sales team are working hard to push our services for the European market.

“Providing storage solutions is also something we’d look to do, but we’d need the right premises and our own warehouse facilities for clients.

“To do this we could either find storage facilities to add on to the office we already have or use a container.” 

The team supporting Mr Telling includes his sister Julia Farthing, operations manager, and June Wheeler, new business development manager, whose work helped to clinch the Ambassador 2015 Award.

The branch was congratulated for its online and social media presence and an information leaflet designed by Ms Wheeler, as part of a head office competition, is now used across all 30 branches.