The importance of apprenticeships in the construction sector has been highlighted in a new survey.

The study of more than 1,000 employers in the construction sector was carried out to coincide with National Apprentice week.

The survey was part of a campaign by Power Tool World to promote the value of apprenticeships across the construction sector and to show the urgent need for young people to help fill the expected 230,000 jobs that are estimated to be created in the construction industry over the next four years.

The results demonstrated the value of apprentices to employers but also the worrying lack of knowledge about the scheme.

The survey found:
* 93 per cent of employers who had hired apprentices were at least satisfied with the experience;
* 75 per cent said the main benefit was providing skilled workers for their company;
* more than a third of employers who haven’t hired an apprentice were not aware of the grants available;
* more than 40 per cent of trade companies wouldn’t know where to start when hiring an apprentice.

Of the employers interviewed, 35 per cent said the apprentices had already made their business more productive while 14 said hiring an apprentice had directly and positively had an impact upon their profits

. However, there is still a lack of knowledge among business leaders who hadn’t hired an apprentice, the study found.

Almost half of those who were interested in hiring one admitted they did not know where to start with the process.