A MALTINGS factory is pioneering a new ingredient which is expected to be the next big thing in baking.

Edme has been producing natural wholegrain ingredients since 1884.

The firm’s industrial buildings in Mistley High Street are now being used to produce a new product called sprouted grains.

The health benefits of wholegrain, such as reduction in the risk of heart disease, diabetes and many bowel disorders, have long been established and nutritionists advise three portions of wholegrain a day.

Now, Edme has pioneered an innovative new category of ingredients, sprouted grains.

They are aimed at meeting the demand for new wholegrain ingredients that are nutritious while also being soft and tender, as well as more palatable and digestible.

Michael Carr, sales and marketing director of natural ingredient producer Edme, said: “We’ve identified a growing interest in sprouted foods and have developed a brand new product category to help bakers and food manufacturers meet that interest and demand.”