A TRAINING course in English has been launched in a bid to help businesses.

Pitman Training, which has an office on Colchester’s North Hill, is offering Pitman English, which allows students to earn points and increase levels of learning in topics, including travel, politics, health and manufacturing.

Cameron Truscott, assistant manager at Pitman Colchester, explained: “This is a very flexible, online course that helps those for whom English is a second language. Study can fit around jobs or other study they may be doing.”

The course is designed for those looking to build their fluency across verbal, written and listening skills including grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

The Pitman English course runs from levels one to 15, in line with the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), recognised by more than 9,000 businesses worldwide.

Students, who must have a basic grasp of the language before starting the course, receive a Pitman Training certificate on completion.

Cameron said; “While this is not an IELTS qualification, the study undertaken and skills developed are in line with it, so if someone wants to take the IELTS exam, we can learn which levels they are at.”

Students can choose to study three units at a time, with self and interactive study available online via tablets and smartphones through the Pitman Portal.

Course content includes activities, exercises and games, with recommended study time of 40hours a week for three months, although different study modules and bundles are available.

Cameron added: “We felt there was a gap in the market for this kind of course. You can get a recreational English language course, but for those in business, or applying for work, our course offers development in business languages, to a standard businesses require.

“A proficiency assessment is done every three months to see how people are getting on, and assess whether they can or want to move up levels.

“From a business’s point of view, if they have an employee they would like to have a better understanding of the English language to help in their role, this is for them. It fits around people’s working style and they can do as many hours as they like if they want to progress quickly.”